Sitemap - 2021 - Yet Another Value Blog

Some things and ideas: December 2021

December 2021 premium update

Five predictions for 2022

Premium: A big new idea

Weekend thoughts: Prepping for 2022

Premium: A Holiday Portfolio Stuffer

Podcast #88: Jacob Rubin is bullish on $GLNG

Weekend thoughts: be careful out there

Podcast #87: Jacob Rubin is flying with $FTAI

Podcast #86: Kuppy is active on $LEE

Podcast #85: Chris McIntyre thinks $MSGE is a cheap stock

Podcast #84: Sleepwell and Enlightened are allied in the $ALLY bull case

Podcast #83: Andrew Freedman walks through the TMT space

Weekend thought: a sporting chance for value at $SPWH

Podcast #82: Ari Lazar on $KW

Asking the experts: how do you use expert networks?

Some things and ideas: November 2021

November 2021 premium update

Some post Liberty day $CHTR thoughts

Weekend thoughts: Capital (mis)-allocation at high growth companies

Liberty investor day follow up thoughts

Podcast #81: Richard Sosa sees value in $DFIN's niche

Podcast #80: Evan Tindell sees value in $TME

Weekend thoughts: Liberty's big week

Eric Markowitz worms his way through the Tesla bull thesis... plus a little Spotify $SPOT $TSLA

Weekend thoughts: Capital allocation and opportunity at $BBBY

Yet Another Value Podcast: now on substack with transcripts!

Aaron Edelheit is high on Cannabis stocks

Jeremy Raper discusses POSaBIT $POSAF

Some things and ideas: October 2021

October 2021 premium update

Premium: Browsing for a value idea

The SPAC market is heating up again

Weekend thoughts, part 3: 3 Winners from the $DWAC / TMTG deal ($TWTR, $FOX, & $VIRT)

Weekend thoughts, part 2: thoughts on TMTG / $DWAC

Weekend thoughts, part 1: $DWAC is making SPACs great again

Weekend thoughts: $IAC buys $MDP

Weekend thoughts: More $TMC shenanigans

Some things and ideas: September 2021

September 2021 Premium Update

Weekend thought: What if Crypto Collapsed?

De ja vu: some thoughts on Altice's continued declines $ATUS

Weekend thoughts: $TMC / $SOAC and some more SPAC insanity

Premium quickie idea: a net cash speculation

Weekend thoughts: $CNX (warning: explicit capital allocation inside)

Some things and ideas: August 2021

August 2021 Premium Update

Weekend Thoughts: Peloton's "weak" Q $PTON

The $WWE / $SPOT tag team, part 2 (WWE)

Premium: Finding a new Charter

The $WWE / $SPOT tag team, part 1 (Spotify)

Weekend musings: $MUDS / TOPPS fall out

SPAC sponsors don't give a fudge about their reputations (and neither should you)

TMT earnings $TWTR space tmr night

Some things and ideas: July 2021

What can you learn from how a SPAC handles redemptions?

July 2021 Premium Update

Pointless SPAC shenanigans: $ATIP edition

Premium: a crypto SPACulation

So the SEC won't let Bill be... $PSTH

Another deSPAC value idea: $SKIL

A DeSPAC value idea: Alight $ALIT

Altice is the "best" large cap stock

How the $TREB / System1 deal shows the need for deep pocketed SPAC sponsors

Quickie idea / question: What's going on with $DOYU / $HUYA

Some things and ideas: June 2021

June 2021 premium update

Highlighting $PSTH / $UMG spaces and expert interviews

Three (and a half) SPAC special situations (premium post)

Gambling on a SPAC freeroll

Some final pre-deal $PSTH / UMG thoughts

Music execs on the music industry investment thesis

SPACs are flying post deSPAC

$WISH-ing for one more meme stock opportunity

Return of the meme stock presents opportunity in $CLOV

Further breaking down and simplifying the $PSTH / UMG transaction

Breaking down the ridiculously complex $PSTH / $UMG transaction

My top 10 $PSTH targets follow up

My top 10 $PSTH targets

Some things and ideas: May 2021

May premium update

Some final $DISCA / $T ramblings (don't sleep on a $CMCSA topping bid!)

The 'Death of New York City’ is Dead

Moving to substack

Some more $DISCA / $T ramblings

Some $DISCA / $T ramblings

Talking my obsessions #1: Peloton's recall $PTON

A SPAC deal leads to a special sit

Premium: A SPAC deal leads to a special sit (Paywall)

Legal and disclaimer

Some things and ideas: April 2021

April 2021 premium update

April 2021 premium update (paywall)

What happens when SPAC deals start failing?

Something different: BlockFi and Bitcoin Futures Arb

Malone and Maffei: Still got it (even if their SPAC doesn't) $LMACA $SCOR

A Timely Recovery Play

Premium Post: a Timely Recovery Play

April Fools' for post-SPAC Investors $NKLA $GOEV

Discovering value in the wake of Archegos $DISCK

Some things and ideas: March 2021

A few more SPAC trades $FIII $TBA $KVSA

Cutting into a microcap

Premium Post: Cutting into a microcap (paywall)

A Lucid Follow-up on SPAC-craziness: $CCIV

Quickie idea: two SPACulations $TREB $OACB

What the fudge is happening to legacy media stocks? $VIAC $DISCA $NFLX $T

March 2021 premium update

March 2021 premium update (paywall)

$GTXMQ: a word on the record date

Yet Another Look at a Reopening Play: $SIX

The tide is turning in SPAC land; what comes next?

Some things and ideas: February 2021

Yet Another $PSTH deep dive, part 2: scenario analysis and some sample trade

Yet Another $PSTH deep dive, part 1: framing the opportunity

Quickie idea: $CKH bumpitrage

Big Three Cable: still too cheap $ATUS $CHTR $CMCSA $CABO

Feb. 2021 premium update

Feb. 2021 premium update (paywall)

$PSTH, $PSHZF, and implied vol: another look at SPACsanity

Notes from the podcast cutting room floor

A Lucid look at the SPAC-craziness: $CCIV deep dive

Buying the picks and shovels to the SPAC goldmine

Premium Post: Buying the picks and shovels to the SPAC goldmine

Some things and ideas: January 2021

Premium Case Study: Worthington $WOR

Short squeezes, gamma, and fiduciary duty $GME

Quickie idea: $UWMC squeezing higher post-deSPACing

Quickie idea: Atlantic Power arb / potential bidding war $AT

Premium case study: $GHIV SPAC-"option arb"

Another worthy play

Premium post: Another worthy play (paywall)

January 2021 premium update

Building conviction #neversell

The Yet Another Value "Empire" in 2021: The Blog and Premium Site

Quickie idea: CoreLogic $CLGX

The Yet Another Value "Empire" in 2021: The podcast

My State of The Markets 2021: Speculative Excess and Opportunity Everywhere