Hi! Welcome to Yet Another Value Blog (substack).

This site is the new home for the work I’ve been doing for years at yetanothervalueblog.com; I simply moved it over to substack because I liked the platform more and it allowed me to spend more time on researching and writing and less time on technical headaches.

Who am I? I’m Andrew Walker, a portfolio manager at Rangeley Capital and the host of Yet Another Value podcast (available on SpotifyiTunesYouTube, or most other podcast platforms). You can follow me on Twitter here.

What can you expect to find on this site?

Well, for the most part, a lot of free posts. I write about whatever catches my interest; that’s generally value ideas and quirky special situations. I have a particular interest in media, sports, and telecom, so a lot of my posts center on something in that sector, but my interests are pretty broad. In addition, once a month, I do a “thoughts and ideas” post where I link to anything that caught my eye that month or just some stream of conscious stuff on whatever I’ve been thinking about.

In addition to the free posts, I offer a premium service. You can find the vision for my premium service here, but the basics are I do two premium posts per month. One is a well researched and actionable investing idea, and the other is a “premium” monthly thoughts that provides updates on prior premium ideas. If you like the free site, I suspect you’ll like the premium site and would encourage you to subscribe, but there’s never any pressure to do so! The majority of posts will always remain free.

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Why do I write so much? Well, writing helps me think, and I just really enjoy it. I’ve also found the network that my writing has helped build to be invaluable, and I love to hear feedback from readers!

This blog expresses my own thoughts, musings and opinions, and does not necessarily represent the views of Rangeley Capital; I encourage you to take my word about that, but please feel free to also check out our Legal and Disclaimer.  If you have questions about Rangeley Capital, you should contact my colleague Rob Sterner rsterner@rangeleycapital.com.

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Andrew Walker 

Yet Another Value Blogger. Portfolio manager and head of research at Rangeley Capital.

Rob Sterner 

Rob is a Partner at Rangeley Capital LLC