Bloodsong was really good. Like "great series" level good (you and I have a fairly similar list at the top). Unfortunately the rest of the series is hard to recommend. "The Magicians" first book was also excellent... but the rest of the series isn't as good. Lightbringer series was a lot of fun. Definitely not meeting the quality bar of the other stuff you've listed, but really just... fun. Thanks as always for your posts!

(PS Kingkiller is, without question my favorite fantasy series written. At this point though, I seriously wonder if the third book will even land like the other two did given where I am in life now compared to then. I think the phase of life where a story like that hits you is important. Rothfuss' communication has improved a lot recently, and I am starting to be optimistic again that he may actually be planning to finish the series after all - we shall see)

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Hi Andrew- As a long time individual stock picker really enjoy the pod. You might include your own writeups once in a while. Own a small RIA based in Vegas so if you ever come out please give me a shout. Continued success on all the great work you do and for helping others out.

Yale Bock, CFA

Y H & C Investments

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Nice links, fyi the seated link isn't working as of 1:28 PM EST

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