This company seems to be run like a promotional scam. Here are a few red flags:

0. The insiders can't seem to fill out an SEC form correctly

1. The company is based in Howe Street, Vancouver

2. The website lists no phone numbers for the company or its staff anywhere, same with its press releases.

3. The ceo pocketed a quick buck on his last deep sea mining investment by selling his shares early (Nautilus Minerals) which later went bankrupt. Just one of the red flags I read in this Bloomberg article (reproduced in the Financial Post link below):


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If you check the Super 8-k, it shows Andrei Karkar/ERAS Capital ownership is 39,621,909 shares as of the Closing Date. So looks like a buy to me (39,621,909+2,250,110=41,872,019).

My question is, is the float truly only 2.7M shares? Or are there legacy DeepGreen shares that are trading right now as well. For example, IRNT had 1.3M shares of float from the trust. But there were another 1.5M shares from non-locked up legacy holders that could be sold as soon as the transaction was consummated. This was called out in IRNT's proxy (search for "1.5 million shares").

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