Speaking as someone who made a living out of these sort of offers in the UK about a decade ago, the sign-up offers and regular promotions will become progressively worse as time goes on. People who only take advantage of the generous promotions and do not do any actual gambling will find their accounts getting restricted or closed very quickly.

I'm a little jealous that I'm not an American and so can't take advantage of these offers myself. They are literally free money. Anyone who is eligible and hasn't taken advantage yet should do so quickly because they won't stick around for long.

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do you think we'll get the same juicy deals when CA legalizes?

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Good luck getting your ‘free’ money out of your account. You’ve failed twice to mention how this works.

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Thank you so much for your original post! My wife and I are in the process of making close to $8,000 in total from bonuses only. We're using your strategy of placing many small $10 bets; if I understand the probabilities correctly, the expectation is we earn back about 95% of what we bet. The 3 sites we're using are:

- Caesars ($3,300, we're lucky to have created our accounts before the original promotion ended)

- BetRivers ($250)

- BetMGM ($500 by creating the account, not depositing, and waiting for a promo email)

I.e. we stand to make 2 * 0.95 * (3300 + 250 + 500) = $7,700.

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