Question of ignorance and admittedly, laziness. Can you go into more detail on how $MANU public shareholders could be left out of a bid?

"MANU and WWE are both controlled companies. They could decide to walk away from a sale. They could have unrealistic price expectations. They could sell a minority stake in the team (it seems like MANU is at least considering this process). They could sell control of the teams and leave minority shareholders out to dry (it seems like WWE is at least considering this process, particularly if Vince stays in control)."

How are the shares structured and what is the controlling law here? And what does that law say?

I doubt anyone wants to buy a stake without having control of the team, etc. So what are the scenarios where someone can buy control without the public shareholders participating?

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I bought MANU in the low double digits right before the stock took off and have been trimming on spikes due to the risk that public shareholders are left hanging. Hopefully I'm being excessively cautious.

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